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Today was the day. Well actually last night. I said to myself out loud, “you know what? I’m going to lay in my bed diagonally too!”

My mom used to tell me stories about me being a “wild sleeper” and I would just roll my eyes and write off her LIES as the tales of old folk. Oh but my God -then I came to experience the level of disrespect first hand.This beautiful child of mine sleeps best when I’m at the peak of discomfort. He cannot sleep in my bed appropriately.  

We will talk another day about the ins and outs of my grade school son sleeping in my bed. 

It seems like there may be a thing about mother’s and their sons. I don’t know. But my son has mastered getting in my bed while my defenses are low. Either I’m already asleep, he’ll “accidentally” fall asleep while we’re talking/chilling or he’ll just hit me with the puppy dog eyes to scoot his behind in my bed. But I don’t like sleeping alone either actually. And I do feel bad sometimes when me and his dad close his door to retreat to our hideout. Don’t get me wrong, it feels very right to leave him behind too though. 

But hey that’s what Mom life is all about. Traversing this life while trying to maintain some semblance of sanity. 



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