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I’m still smiling.

I know grief all too well. It’s a toxic relationship that I’m still learning how to navigate and heal with.  In 2015 my life was forever changed. Not worse, not better just permanently different.  The thing about grief is that if unchecked it will lie to you. It will tell you you can’t handle the burden of pain. It will convince you that you are alone. You will feel like you have to be sad. Your memories will seem better than your future. You might even think joy is elusive and you don’t even deserve it.  These are lies! Repeat these affirmations to encourage a positive mindset through difficult experiences: God is closest to those with broken hearts. I am...

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MOM Life

Today was the day. Well actually last night. I said to myself out loud, “you know what? I’m going to lay in my bed diagonally too!” My mom used to tell me stories about me being a “wild sleeper” and I would just roll my eyes and write off her LIES as the tales of old folk. Oh but my God -then I came to experience the level of disrespect first hand.This beautiful child of mine sleeps best when I’m at the peak of discomfort. He cannot sleep in my bed appropriately.   We will talk another day about the ins and outs of my grade school son sleeping in my bed.  It seems like there may be a thing about...

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Do you need greeting cards?

We’re all minimalists now, so no one really needs any extra paper laying around, right? WRONG! Sending and receiving a greeting cards adds so much joy for a very small sacrifice. With a small amount of time (and money 😉) you can accomplish a myriad of goals! 1. Teach a kid how to address an envelope. It may seem simple but remember these kids don’t know anything about snail mail man...and Pen pals are a forgotten treasure. 2. Let a distant relative know they’re not forgotten. Ya know times are hard. We could all could benefit from a reminder that we are loved. 3. Pass it forward! Spread the love around. Send your card with an extra card and envelope...

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