Do you need greeting cards?

We’re all minimalists now, so no one really needs any extra paper laying around, right?


Sending and receiving a greeting cards adds so much joy for a very small sacrifice. With a small amount of time (and money 😉) you can accomplish a myriad of goals!

1. Teach a kid how to address an envelope.

It may seem simple but remember these kids don’t know anything about snail mail man...and Pen pals are a forgotten treasure.

2. Let a distant relative know they’re not forgotten.

Ya know times are hard. We could all could benefit from a reminder that we are loved.

3. Pass it forward!

Spread the love around. Send your card with an extra card and envelope to encourage your recipient to send some snail mail too!

4. Support our US Postal Service.

Forever stamps are only .55 cents and a book of stamps (20) is $11. Stamps are great collectors items too! 

5. Feel the love.

I have found that one of the best ways to feel loved is to give love. Share a congratulatory note or words of appreciation and then feel all warm and fuzzy inside at knowing you just brightened someone’s day. 

With all the options for greeting cards now, you are bound to find the perfect words or pictures to help you express yourself! And of course, if you can’t find it, I encourage you to create it. 


Remember to use you’re words...and some of mine too!






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  • Sonya

    My mother loved her greeting card!!!

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